On 11 December 2020, the Faculty of Law of the University of Rijeka, the Inter-University Centre of Excellence Opatija and the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, with the support of...
Institute's legal expert V. Koumpli participates in the research group of the Project ECPE - Enabling Consumer to Become Prosumer in the Energy Transition Era, which is carried out by the University o...


Legal Information

The Institute’s main activity relates to the supply of legal information on foreign laws, EU law, international law and Greek law to certain categories of natural and legal persons.

Revue hellénique de droit international

In furthering knowledge on international law and foreign laws, the Institute publishes the Revue hellénique de droit international (RHDI – Hellenic Review of International Law) which has been contributing knowledge to the international legal community for more than 60 years.   

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