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Selected papers

The Hellenic Institute of International and Foreign Law publishes selected papers as well as papers presented within the framework of the academic seminars intending to inform judges and lawyers on topics of significant practical and theoretical importance.


The papers – whether published or not – are available under pdf format as follows:

  1. Christina Akrivopoulou, Protection of privacy in the EU: an analysis of the legal framework and the ECJ case-law (2011) [in Greek]
  2. Evgenia Dacoronia, The Common Frame of Reference (CFR). The New Model Rules for European Private Law  (2010) [in Greek]
  3. Evgenia Dacoronia, Naissance d’enfant handicapé : responsabilité médicale à la lumière du droit grec (2014)
  4. Evgenia Dacoronia, Réparation du préjudice moral : notion de « famille » selon la jurisprudence grecque face au droit international privé (2015)
  5. Christina Deliyanni-Dimitrakou, Multiple discrimination: A comparative approach (2011) [in Greek]
  6. Ioannis Delikostopoulos, Provisional measures according to Regulation (EC) 44/2001  (2010) [in Greek]
  7. Georgios Diamantopoulos/Vassiliki Koumpli, On mediation law in Greece (2014)
  8. Georgios Diamantopoulos/Vassiliki Koumpli, Mediation as a way of resolving private law disputes in Greek law (2015) [in Greek]
  9. Athanasia Dionisopoulou, Joint investigation teams-challenges and perspectives  (2011) [in Greek]
  10. Alexandra Douga, Insurance law between business law and consumer law (2010)
  11. Alexandra Douga, On the recognition of foreign administrative acts in Greece (2014)
  12. Alexandra Douga/Vassiliki Koumpli, Thoughts on the applicable law to non-contractual obligations and its limits – particularly in the event of wrongful death of foreign citizens with applicable Greek law (2013) [in Greek]
  13. Alexandra Douga/Vassiliki Koumpli, Cross-border maintenance obligations in Europe: the EU Maintenance Regulation (2014)
  14. Alexandra Douga/Vassiliki Koumpli, On the regulation of maintenance obligations in Greece (2014)
  15. Vassiliki Koumpli, The application of EC competition law to the liberalised energy markets (2005)
  16. Vassiliki Koumpli, Competition rules or sector-specific regulation for the liberalisation of the European electricity markets? (2007)
  17. Vassiliki Koumpli, State aid and liberalisation of the energy market (2007) [in Greek]
  18. Vassiliki Koumpli, On the codification of administrative procedure in Greece (2012)
  19. Vassiliki Koumpli, Book review: ROGER BAN DEN BERGH, Comparative Competition Law and Economics, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, 2017 (2017)
  20. Vassiliki Koumpli, The regulation of mediation in cross-border disputes: The model of Greece (2017)
  21. Vassiliki Koumpli, A further step towards institutionalization of mediation in Greece: Recent developments after Law 4512/2018 (2019)
  22. Anna Mantakou, The misadventures of the principle jura novit curia in international arbitration – a practitioner’s approach (2014)
  23. Elina Moustaira, Recent case-law in common law countries on the application of the forum non conveniensrule (2011) [in Greek]
  24. Georgios Panopoulos, La jurisprudence grecque de droit international privé en 2006 (2006)
  25. Georgios Panopoulos, La jurisprudence grecque de droit international privé en 2009 (2010)
  26. Georgios Panopoulos, Quels droits fontamentaux pour quel droit communautaire (2011) 
  27. Georgios Panopoulos, Liability of the person acquiring a patrimonium or business under private international law (2011) [in Greek]
  28. Georgios Panopoulos, La jurisprudence grecque de droit international privé en 2010 (2011)
  29. Georgios Panopoulos, Proposition de règlement du conseil relatif à la compétence, la loi applicable, la reconnaissance et l’exécution des décisions en matière de régimes matrimoniaux. reconnaissance, force exécutoire et exécution : full faith and credit, comment et en quoi ? (2013)
  30. Georgios Panopoulos, La jurisprudence grecque de droit international privé en 2011 (2012)
  31. Georgios Panopoulos, La jurisprudence grecque de droit international privé en 2012 (2013)
  32. Georgios Panopoulos, La jurisprudence grecque de droit international privé en 2013 (2014)
  33. Antonia Papadelli, Private enforcement of EU antirtust rules (2010) [in Greek]
  34. Kurt Siehr, International contracts, party autonomy and mandatory rules (2014)
  35. Claire Spirou, The Draft EU Regulation on succession (2010) [in Greek]
  36. Claire Spirou/Vassiliki Koumpli, Public Private Partnerships under Greek law (2010)
  37. Dimitrios-Panagiotis Tzakas, The conflict-of-laws aspects of civil antitrust liability in case of infringements of the Hellenic and EU rules against restraints of competition – Evaluating Art. 6 Rome II Regluation (2010) [in Greek]
  38. Anna Maria Tonikidou, Der unionsrechtliche Rahmen für den Zugang zu Gütern und Dienstleistungen, die der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung stehen, für Menschen mit Behinderungen (2016)
  39. Chryssapho Tsouca, The protection of the weaker party in the context of the Rome I Regulation on the applicable law (2010) [in Greek]
  40. Maria Vergou, Protection of Cultural Property: International, European and Greek Law (2016) [in Greek]
  41. Eleni Zervogianni, Issues of alternative causation. Comparative law approach and de lege ferenda proposals  (2010) [in Greek]

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